The Oil, Gas and Energy Sectors
(in Russia and the Middle East)

expertise, professionalism and responsible partnership

Areas of Activity of «Rusneftegaz»

The Company activities cover various fields like fulfillment of oil gas, energy and other projects, supply of equipment, materials, spare parts and sending the experts on business to the construction sites.
We closely analyze the International oil and gas markets, the production and selling oil gas equipment as well as engineering, project works and services.
The Company experts have long-term partnership relations with top Russian and international companies (firms) dealing with oil business.
Since 1972 the experts of «Rusneftegaz» LLC have been taking part in construction of practically all foreign projects in the oil sphere performed by Russian companies in Iraq, Syria, Libya, India, Yemen, Algiers, Vietnam, Cuba and other countries.
The guiding principle of the Company is a mixture of newest technologies with the best of our accumulated experience and this factor gave optimum results in previous projects.
The basic principles of Company’s work are founded not on the competition principles but on the principles of responsible partnership with oil production complexes, various enterprises and brunches of oil spheres including foreign economy programs. Our long-term and reliable cooperation with foreign companies is based on mutual respect and confidence.
In conclusion let us to assure You that a combination of high skills and qualification of our Company specialists guarantees reliable fulfillment of all contract obligations together with our partners and customers.

Drilling Works

Construction of oil and gas wells
Horizontal and directional drilling
Underground and big well repair.

Geological Exploratory Works

Evaluation of petro-gas areas
Geological exploratory works
Reserves estimation.
Onshore 2D and 3D seismic exploration
Processing of seismic exploration data

Development and Construction of Oil and Gas Fields

Full processing of seismic and field geophysical data
Geological and hydrodynamic field modeling
Analysis and design of fields development

Designing and scientific researches
Total developing and housing construction of oil fields
• of living and public structures;
• of products deposits;
• of field and pipeline systems for oil and gas collection and transportation

Geophysical Research and Wells Routine Maintenance

Log survey
Vertical seismic profiling
Intensification of well output producing
Increase in bedding oil output

Trading of Oil and Oil Products

Oil trade on the world market
Petroleum refining
Trade of oil products
Construction of gasstations


Construction of powertransmission lines
Construction oftransformer stations
Construction ofdistribution substations

Construction of Living Quarters for Oil Workers

Designing, delivery andassembling of livingquarters for oil workersduring oil gas fieldconstruction in thecountries of the MiddleEast

What is Rusneftegaz

• Supply of wide range of equipment and materials for oil and gas industry, power generation and communication.

• Personnel training of any profession and category for enterprises of oil and gas industries

Oil and Gas Projects

One of the main activities of RUSNEFTEGAZ is to manage and coordinate the preparation and implementation of integrated petroleum programmes and projects outside Russia, which cover all stages from exploration to onshore oil field development in any part of the world.
Such programmes and projects include conduction of full operational cycle from geological research to complete construction of oil-field facilities provided by infrastructure, drilling rigs and other equipment supplies, as well as prospecting of scientific R&D and planning establishments, together with companies-operators.
This activity includes combined supplies of necessary process equipment (main and support), transportation vehicles, construction machinery, materials and spare parts. Wide spectrum of activities in exploration, drilling, production and development of oil and gas fields is based upon scientific expertise and application of up to-date technologies and equipment.
Realization of complex projects can be on the contractual.

Supply of Equipment

The «RUSNEFTEGAZ» LLC is dealing with export – import operations both in supply of totally built complexes and separate deliveries according to a client’s desire.

The equipment for drilling deep producing and exploratory oil wells.
Drilling rigs for any wells as well as mobile drilling rigs.
The equipment for wellhead sealing supplied with preventers, manifold and operation control unit.
Drill pipes of all types.
Turbo drills, electric drills and motors.
Rolling and diamond drilling bits, cutter drilling heads for core sampling.
Mobile machines for developing and repairing oil and gas wells.
Equipment for operating oil and gas wells:
• Xmas tree and casing heads;
• oil and gas pipeline fittings, shutoff and flow valves;
• oil pumps.
Equipment for oil desalination and dehydration.
Auto vehicles, heavy weights hoisting cranes and road building machines for oil and gas pipeline construction.
Steel storage tanks and associated equipment.
Equipment for servicing stations:
• metal-cutting machine tools, electric welding equipment;
• equipment for TV and wire communications;
• equipment for camp settlings, housing and living blocks for oil workers and engineers shifts.


Company implements reconstruction, technical refitting:

• Distribution and transformer substations.
• High-voltage lines.
• Maintenance and repairs of electrical equipment in various operating facilities.

Water Treatment

Effective technologies and solutions for water and wastewater treatment

• Complete, accurate and detailed design from process solutions through to schemes of automation and ACS TP programming at specialized, Europe’s best Design Department.
• Guaranteed in-house provision of full package of customer documentation for entire water treatment system.
• Unique modern production, giving guaranteed quality and reliability (actually operating Quality Management System ISO 9001:2008).
• Complete and accurate preparation of installation documentation, as this influences markedly terms, quality and costs of construction and erection work.
• Qualitative, timely performance of contract-supervision, installation, set-up and commissioning work.
• Highly professional and effective project management system during all stages of execution.
• Experience in “turnkey” contract fulfilment on EPC(M) and general contract terms.
• Warranty servicing and quality after-service.

Alternative Energy Sources, Including Wind and Solar

Focus of Activities

For each project development step, starting with the land and roof area-acquisition, our qualified employees have many years of experience. All planning work is thereby preceded by the development of a coherent approach.
To ensure the network connection, a professional electrical design and the seamless planning and securingof routesfrom the solar or wind park to the point of supply is guaranteed.
Following the viewing and securing of the surface, the project development department hands over the project to the in-house planning department.
Here, all other technical drawings such as floor plans, circuit diagrams and component drawings necessary for the project development are created.
Using the software WindPro, calculations of sound propagation, the shadow cast by the turbines and the return simulations are created for the planned wind parks. Using the software PV * SOL, the planned photovoltaic plants are configured and the yield optimised.
Furthermore, to support the project development, before the securing of the land, a large-scale regional analysis of potential sites for wind and solar parks takes place using graphic information systems (GIS analysis).
Our core competencies include performing various approval processes, such as the establishment of a development plan, the amendment of a zoning plan, initiating an emissions control procedure according to an Emission Control Act or the successful completion of a planning permission process. The production of the relevant documents for this completes our range of services.
The monitoring of the construction process by our qualified staff right up to the commissioning and acceptance creates the ideal conditions for the reliable operation of the facilities.


Contractual location securing• Leases, purchase agreements
• Licence agreements
• Easements
Technical planning• Configuration and location planning
• Electrical LV/MV
• Infrastructure and foundations
Approval procedures
• Federal emissions control procedure

• В-Plan, F-Plan
• Planning permission
Grid connection procedures
• Route planning
• Network technical statement
• Registration with Federal Network Agency
Construction management
• Construction coordination
• «Start-up
• Acceptance of construction work

Total Security of Oil and Gas Production

A System of Tracking Down Leakages and Stealing in Pipelines

• Disclosure of a leakage in a pipeline.
• Localization of a leakage.
• Timing of a leakage start in.

Video Surveillance System

• Round-the-clock weatherproof object control.
• Automatic tracking down of emergency situations.
• Visual information proof on alarm situations received from other sources.

Access Control

• Management of corporate and contractor’s personnel.
• Record keeping of people in the working areas.
• Evacuation control.
• Perimeter security.

Farm Alarm, Foam Fire, and Gaseous Fire Extinguishing

• Buildings and constructions protection.
• Localization of places on fire.
• Promotion of fire alarm activities.

Alarm Security

• Tracking down unauthorized sneaking (attempts) into rooms and outside the specially access restricted areas perimeter.
• Security of technological and apparatus areas.
• Security of office and living quarters.

Public Address and Evacuation

• Automatic announcements including instructions to personnel in case of emergency.
• Evacuation control.

Perimeter Security

• Tracking down intrusions (attempts) to a protected area.
• Tracking down the attempts to damage the system.
• Localization of unauthorized intrusion (attempt).


• Collection, processing and data storing of technological process.
• On-line automatic and technological processes control.
• Dispatcher control, safety monitoring of technological processes.
• Providing stability of regulating processes.
• Lowering of labor expenditures while running technological processes.
• Lowering idle time periods, raising efficiency of technological equipment and constructions.
• Closer communication with systems of automatic documentation rotation, and with systems of enterprise economic state analysis, more efficient planning of enterprise resources and other neighboring systems.

Installed and employed by

«Tatneft» PLC«AK «Transneft» PLC«LUKOIL» PLC
NIOC«LUKOIL Mid-East» LtdSaudi AramcoPetrom


List of the main oil and gas projects performed by the specialists of RUSNEFTEGAZ on the terms of general contractor on EPC bases (Engineering, Procurement and Construction)

• Development of oil field North Rumeilah, Iraq, phase 1, 2, 3 and construction of surface facilities.
• Development of oil field Nagr-Umr, Iraq and construction of surface facilities.
• Development of oil field Lukheis, Iraq and construction of surface facilities.
• Development of oil field West Qurna 1, Iraq and construction of surface facilities.
• Construction of the projects of water injection into the oil layers for oil field North Rumeilah, Iraq.
• Drilling of oil wells in oil field North Rumeilah, Iraq with use of 8 drilling rigs type «Uralmash-4000 DGU».
• Drilling of oil wells in the district Khanakin, North Iraq with use of drilling rigs type «Uralmash-3000 BD70».
• Supply of oil-field equipment, drilling pipes and also casing, tubing and spare parts for Iraqi ministry of oil under the UN Oil-for-Food Program.
• Drilling of oil wells in Libya with use of 2 drilling rigs type «Uralmash-4000 DGU».
• Drilling oil wells in Syria with use of 2 drilling rigs type «Uralmash-3000 BD70».
• Fabrication and supply of 12 sets of offshore drilling platforms and all necessary equipment for oil field «White Tiger» in Vietnam.
• Supply of oil-field and drilling equipment and materials for oil projects in Yemen, Syria, Kuwait and other countries.
• Kuwait. Construction of oil desalination and dehydration facilities. Tank farm construction.
• Saudi Arabia. Construction of waste water purification complexes.
• India. General contracting of seismic survey and drilling works in Cambay and Cauvery. Wells repair in Ankleshwar.
• Iraq. Supply of equipment for technological security systems including perimeter security for «West Qurna-2» oil field.
• Iraq. Preparation and signing the contract for development and construction of «West Qurna-2» oil field on the basis of «Production Sharing» conditions.
• Iraq. Preparation and forwarding a TEO (Feasibility Study) for development and construction of «Garraf» oil field to a Contractor.

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